Top 10 beautiful pigeons breed in the world


Pigeons have lots of breeds in the world. Pigeons are often associated with city, wild, and village life. Their stunning array of colors, patterns, and feather types make them favorites among bird enthusiasts worldwide. They are social. Pigeons were used for sending messages. Now it has become people’s favorite bird. It has been raised even commercially. It is profitable. If you are considering adding some avian elegance to your life, here are ten most beautiful pigeon breeds that are readily available.

1. Fantail Pigeon

With its distinctive fan-shaped tail that can spread up to 180 degrees, the Fantail Pigeon is a true showstopper. Originating from India, this breed comes in various colors, including white, black, red, yellow, and blue. Its elegant posture and graceful movements make it a popular choice for pigeon fanciers.

2. Jacobin Pigeon

Named after the distinctive ruffled collar that resembles a Jacobin monk’s hood, this breed is a sight to behold. Its feathery adornment creates a regal appearance, while its slender body and long legs add to its charm. Jacobin Pigeons come in a variety of colors, with white being the most common.

3. Frillback Pigeon

Frillback Pigeons are known for their unique feather curls that cover their backs, giving them a striking appearance. This breed boasts a wide range of colors and patterns, but it’s their elaborate frills that steal the show. Their gentle demeanor and captivating looks make them a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts.

4. Indian Fantail Pigeon

Similar to the Fantail Pigeon but with a more compact body, the Indian Fantail is prized for its beautiful tail and elegant stance. Originating from Pakistan and India, this breed comes in an array of colors and often displays striking markings on its feathers.

5. English Trumpeter Pigeon

The English Trumpeter Pigeon is renowned for its distinctive cooing and its ornate, feathery “muff” around its feet. This breed boasts a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s their unique vocalizations and elegant appearance that make them a favorite among pigeon enthusiasts.

6. Lahore Pigeon

Originating from Pakistan, the Lahore Pigeon is known for its majestic appearance, with a plump body, short beak, and distinctive peak crest on its head. Its glossy plumage and wide range of colors, including black, red, blue, and silver, make it a stunning addition to any flock.

7. Modena Pigeon

Modena Pigeons are prized for their sleek, compact bodies and smooth, glossy feathers. Originating from Italy, this breed comes in various colors and is known for its distinctive “shell crest” on the back of its head. Their refined appearance and gentle temperament make them a popular choice for pigeon fanciers.

8. Budapest Highflyer Pigeon

As the name suggests, the Budapest Highflyer is bred for its exceptional flying abilities as well as its striking appearance. This breed features a slender body, long wings, and a distinctive crest on its head. With its iridescent plumage and elegant flight, it’s a true marvel to watch.

9. Chinese Owl Pigeon

The Chinese Owl Pigeon is instantly recognizable by its unique head shape, which resembles an owl. This breed comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but it’s their striking facial features and wide, expressive eyes that capture the heart of admirers.

10. African Owl Pigeon

Known for its striking appearance and upright posture, the African Owl Pigeon is a true beauty. This breed features a slender body, distinctive head shape, and a wide array of colors and patterns. Its graceful demeanor and striking looks make it a favorite among pigeon fanciers.


Each of these pigeon breeds brings its own unique charm and beauty to the avian world. Whether you’re a seasoned pigeon enthusiast or someone looking to add some elegance to your backyard, these stunning birds are sure to captivate with their colors, patterns, and graceful movements.