Rock pigeons/Rock dove

Rock pigeons or Rock doves are one of the most popular birds in the world. Their scientific name is Columba Livia. You will find these birds all over the world except Antarctica. They have a population of 120 million worldwide. These birds are originally native from Europe to North Africa and India and are most […]

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Why is Tyson chicken so cheap?

Have you ever wondered why Tyson chicken tends to be priced so competitively? Let’s take a closer look at the factors behind its affordability. Through my observations and insights, I’ve identified several key reasons contributing to Tyson’s cost-effective pricing strategy. 1. Economies of Scale: One of the primary reasons for Tyson’s affordability is its scale

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What is the artificial method of chick hatching?

The artificial method of chick hatching involves performing the hatching process artificially, which means hatching eggs with an incubator machine where temperature, humidity, ventilation, and all necessary conditions required to hatch eggs are controlled. In the poultry farming industry, the art of chicken hatching has evolved significantly over time. When the natural method cannot fulfill

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