Can you actually hypnotize a chicken?

Animal hypnosis is one of the most popular phenomena around the world. It has been used for centuries to keep animals calm, relaxed, quiet, and still during moments of fear and stress. Learning how to hypnotize animals is not an overwhelmingly difficult process. However, it does take practice, time, and effort to learn how to properly perform this interesting skill.

Can chickens get hypnotized?


Hypnotizing chickens is a fun and easy thing to do. After being hypnotized, chickens act like they’re dead. They stop moving. You can hypnotize a rooster in the same way. It’s easy to de-hypnotize them too. So, how do you hypnotize them? Let’s jump into it.

Hold the chicken down on a flat surface, with one hand supporting its chest. Place it down so that its chest carries weight and move its legs back so that it can’t stand. Hold the chicken gently with one hand. Put one finger of your other hand in front of its beak tip without touching it. Move the finger backward to draw a 10-12 inch line. You can draw this line with your finger, chalk, or stick. If you have done it properly, the chicken will lie still for 30 seconds to 30 minutes!

To de-hypnotize the chicken, just clap your hands or give a gentle push or remove the line. It may take a few tries to wake the chicken up. Now you know how to hypnotize a chicken.

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