What type of bird can I raise in my backyard?


When you consider raising some feathered friends in your backyard, you have many options. Most people think about chickens only, but most farmyard poultry are a good source of fresh eggs and meat. Whether you’re interested in fresh eggs, pest control, or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of birds, there is a perfect bird for you. In this blog, we will discuss some backyard birds so you can make an informed decision about which bird is right for you.

1. Chicken

Chickens are a classic choice for your backyard. Chicken is one of the most popular poultry birds in the world. Chickens will provide you several benefits. They are prolific egg layers, providing a steady supply of fresh eggs and meat. They can help keep your backyard free of bugs and pests. Chickens are relatively low maintenance and adaptable to various climates. There are many breeds available in chickens. They are beautiful and known for their friendly personalities, making them great pets for families.

2. Duck

Ducks are quirky and versatile types of poultry birds. They are nice and playful and are excellent at controlling slugs, snails, and other garden pests. Duck eggs are larger and richer than chicken eggs. Ducks come in a variety of breeds with striking plumage, adding visual interest to your backyard. They are easy to raise and are hardy birds that can adapt to various environments.

3. Geese

Geese are watchful guardians with personalities. They are highly territorial and will alert you to any intruders with their loud honks. They can help keep your lawn free of pests and are efficient grazers, making them great for maintaining grassy areas. Geese are known for forming strong bonds with their human caretakers. Some recommended breeds for your backyard include Toulouse, Embden, and African.

4. Turkeys

Turkeys are majestic and unique birds for your backyard. They are usually bigger than chickens and can help control insect populations. If you are interested in raising birds for meat, turkeys offer a tasty alternative to chicken. There are many breeds of turkeys, and they are calm and beautiful looking.

5. Guineafowl

Guineafowl are known for being keen pest controllers. They are natural insect hunters and can help control ticks, flies, and other pests. Their loud calls and keen awareness make them excellent watchdogs. Guineafowl are hardy birds that require minimal care. With their spotted feathers and distinctive helmet-like crests, guineafowl are visually striking.

6. Quail

Quail are compact and productive birds. They are perfect for small backyards or urban environments. Some quail breeds can lay nearly an egg a day, providing you with a constant supply of small but nutritious eggs. Quail are quiet birds, making them suitable for neighborhoods with noise restrictions. They require minimal space and are relatively low-maintenance. Some recommended breeds include Coturnix (Japanese) Quail, Bobwhite Quail, and California Quail.

7. Pigeon

Pigeons are elegant and social birds that come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They add beauty to your backyard and some pigeon breeds can be trained to return home after being released. Pigeons require minimal care and thrive in urban or suburban environments. They are surprisingly intelligent birds and can be trained to perform tricks. Pigeons also provide a good source of meat, although people rarely eat pigeon eggs. Learn more about pigeons in this blog.


Adding birds to your backyard can bring joy, entertainment, and practical benefits to your life. Whether you’re interested in fresh eggs, pest control, or simply enjoying the beauty of these feathered creatures, there’s a perfect bird for every backyard. Consider your space, climate, and preferences before choosing your flock, and you’ll be rewarded with years of companionship and enjoyment.