Best chicken breed for egg production


Chicken is the most popular poultry bird in the world, raised for both egg and meat production. However, not all breeds of chickens are best suited for egg production. A great breed of layer can lay up to 300 eggs in a year. There are some special types of breeds that are best for egg production.


The exact origins of the Leghorn breed are unknown, but it likely originates from a region in Northern Italy. This breed consistently ranks at the top for egg production, capable of laying up to 300 eggs per year. It has been used for high egg production in both commercial and domestic backyard settings.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is an American breed of chicken raised for both meat and egg production. It is a crossbreed of Malay and Leghorn. Capable of laying up to 300 eggs per year, it can start laying eggs from 18-20 weeks with adequate diet. With proper care, it can live for 5-8 years.

Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock is a good general farm chicken. This breed is docile, gentle, and super friendly. Originating from Massachusetts, United States, it can lay up to 200 brown eggs per year and typically begins laying around 20 weeks of age.


The Australorp is a chicken breed of Australian origin. Known for its exceptional egg-laying abilities, it can lay 364 eggs in 365 days. You can expect around 250-300 eggs per year from this breed, which can also be used for both egg and meat production.


The Sussex chicken breed originates from the United Kingdom and comes in Red, White, and Silver colors. Raised for both meat and egg production, Sussex hens can lay between 200-250 eggs per year. They typically start laying around 7-8 months of age, which is later than other breeds. Sussex is a great breed if you want eggs all year around.