Top 5 pet birds for busy people


For busy people, it can be difficult to choose a pet bird. It may be more challenging if you don’t have enough time to spend with your pet every day. Birds are social animals, and many of them need companionship from their owner in order to keep them healthy and happy. However, there are some special birds that are more independent and happier with other bird companions. Here are 5 birds for people with busy lives:

1. Finch

Finches are easy to care for. Even busy bird lovers can take care of a flock of finches. Finches are generally hands-off pets and they don’t need much human interaction. They are happy with a small flock of 3-5 birds as long as you provide them with a roomy flight cage. To fulfill finches’ needs, you need to spend a little time every day providing them with fresh food and water for drinking and bathing, and cleaning their cage when it’s dirty, ensuring everyone is happy and healthy.

2. Canary

Canaries can stay happy and healthy in a small group of 2-3 birds. You need to spend maybe just 1 hour each day because canaries are relatively solitary and do fine when housed alone or in bonded pairs. But, don’t bond 2 male canaries together as they can tend to fight. You need to provide a big enough cage and some toys where they can fly, play, and exercise, and also provide fresh food and water for their good health.

3. Dove / Pigeon

Pigeons are social birds. You can raise them in free range. They need just one hour of your interaction. They can stay happy with their flocks, always staying bonded in pairs. You just need to provide them with fresh food and water for bathing and drinking. However, if you think about keeping them in a cage, the cage should be large enough so that they can walk, exercise, and play.

4. Budgerigar / Parakeets

Budgies are small parrots, which makes them require a tiny mess to clean. You can keep budgerigars with other birds to keep them happy and healthy. They require play and socialization. You need to spend at least a few hours with them to prevent boredom and loneliness. Make sure you provide them with some toys, good quality food, and water to maintain their health.

5. Cockatiel

Cockatiels are friendly and intelligent birds that form strong bonds with their human companions. You have to spend at least a few hours each day to interact with your bird. Otherwise, it might become depressed or engage in destructive behaviors. However, this bird can pass many hours playing with toys in a roomy enclosure.