Which birds can be friend with cat?


Maybe you’ve seen some videos on YouTube showing the friendship between a cat and a bird, and you were inspired, thinking about bonding a cat with a bird. There are a few videos on the internet like that, but you should never leave a bird with a cat, otherwise, you can lose your bird. Before you do that, you should get some information. Let’s discuss.

Cats have an innate hunting instinct. However, cats that have always lived with humans have never had to hunt for themselves. In their natural state, cats would prey on small rodents like mice as well as small birds. Small domestic birds like budgerigars, parakeets, and canaries match cats’ prey profile. So, there is a risk that you can lose your bird. We know that cats naturally have bacteria in their mouths that they can spread to their feet and claws when grooming. These bacteria can be harmful if a cat bites or scratches your bird and the bacteria enter your bird.

However, it is still possible to bond them in the same household as long as you take certain safety measures.

Birds can be friends with cats


These small, colorful parakeets are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They can often hold their own against curious cats and may even be bold enough to interact with them.


With their sweet melodies and gentle demeanor, canaries can sometimes tolerate the presence of cats, especially if they have a secure cage or aviary.


Finches are small and quick, which can make them less appealing targets for cats. Additionally, they often live in groups, which may deter feline attention.


These small parrots are known for their playful and confident personalities. While they may be cautious around cats, they can sometimes hold their ground and even engage in playful interactions.


Cockatiels are gentle and friendly birds that often enjoy human interaction. While they may be wary of cats, their docile nature can make them less likely targets for aggression. Providing a secure cage and supervised interaction can help ensure their safety around feline companions.

Monk Parakeet:

Quaker parrots are intelligent and sociable birds known for their charming personalities. They can sometimes form amicable relationships with cats, especially if introduced to each other at a young age under supervised conditions.

Keep in mind

It’s not common for birds and cats to become best friends. But with careful management and supervision, they can peacefully coexist in the same household. Understanding each pet’s needs and behaviors is crucial for fostering a safe and enriching environment. When you’re a bird enthusiast and a cat lover, creating a harmonious space for both can be a rewarding experience.