How to Treat an Injured Chicken Leg?

Sometimes you may notice your chicken refusing to walk or limping. This could be due to a broken leg. A broken leg may look crooked or swollen. Chickens can get injured in many ways, such as fighting with other chickens or animals, getting bitten by other animals, having accidents, infections, or scaly leg mites.

Today we will learn two ways to heal an injured chicken leg.

For a broken leg:

If you identify a broken leg caused by an attack from another animal or by accident, you need to take these steps. First, gently pick up the bird. If the leg is bleeding, you need to stop it. Then clean the broken leg with a clean, wet cloth. You may use antiseptic. Next, wrap the broken leg. You can use two sticks in bandaging. Don’t make it too tight, just tight enough to stabilize it. After rolling the gauze with two pieces of sticks, then roll it around with tape to keep it attached. It will take 2-4 weeks to recover the leg. You have to keep an eye on the chicken’s behavior.

For infections/leg mites:

Leg mites spread from other infected birds or dirty coops. We will discuss two different and easy ways to get rid of chicken leg mites.

1) Go to your nearest grocery shop and buy a big bottle of vegetable oil. It could be canola oil, corn oil, or regular vegetable oil. You can buy a cheap brand; it does not need to be expensive. Pour the oil into a big bowl or bucket. Then get your chicken. Clean the chicken’s infected leg with regular water, then dip the chicken’s leg into the oil. It will suffocate the mites. You need to repeat this every couple of days for 2 weeks. It is better to treat the chicken when the sun goes down, so your chicken will not get its leg dirty.

2) I recommend this method if you have a chicken with a severe case of scaly leg mites. In severe cases, you will notice a lot of scaly mites on its legs. The leg will be deformed, they won’t move much, and they will pick and scratch a lot. If this is the case, you have to separate your chicken from the flock and treat it a little bit differently. In this case, I recommend using A+D ointment. It will heal the scaly mites on the leg. It’s really soothing and can help with the infection. Apply it to their leg for a period of 2 weeks. You will notice improvement quickly. After 2 weeks, you can release the chicken back with the flock.